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This website follows the constructon of a 1/4 Scale Piper J3 Cub model airplane, NC-42517.

Photograph of my 1/4 Scale Piper Cub


Wing span: 105 inches
Wing area: 1600 sq inches
Weight: 14 - 16 flying pounds.
Power Systems recommendations

Engine: .60 - .90 two stroke / .90 - 1.60 four stroke.

Ready to start again with piles of lumber. This will be my fifth build.   .
I am going to need a bigger work bench. The fuse on this new plane is two feet longer than my work surface!.   Okay, I converted to a 6 foot work surface. Far better.
Both lower main frame sides completed.   The fuse is all bolted together. Next comes the nose.
Nose bolted on. Cabin wires added and firewall installed. Front deck formers in place.   All the window frames installed.
Nose side panels on. Cabin floors installed. Front end all sanded.   Fuselage pretty much finished. On to the tail section.
Fitting the tail section for size.   Inside view of wing center section ready for top cover.
Right wing, minus the tip, shown attached to the center section.   Wing tips added.
A bit of delicate sawing and the aileron is separated from the wing.   Left wing aileron installed.
Right wing aileron installed.   Fitting wing to fuselage.
Wing, Stabilizer and Fin installed.   Now I realize just how big the plane is!!.
Installing the two dowels to center the wing.   Along with the fairing, I added some surfaces to aid with covering the tail section.
Installing the front cabin wing blocks. Lots of carving and sanding involved.   A modified aileron servo tray is screwed in place.
A hatch opening large enough to allow the servo tray through is constructed on the wing bottom.   A hatch door is screwed to the frame to allow access.
Building the wing struts.   Strut end fittings made from aluminum stock.
Fitting the new wing struts.   Wing struts temporarily installed on both sides.
Fittings for the struts are constructed from brass tubing.   Strut supports installed.
Fitting the landing gear wires.   Landing gear wire ends wrapped with copper and ready for solder.
Landing gear wire ends after soldering.   Shock absorbing wire wrapped and ready for soldering.
Okay, she is up on wheels.   Me thinks it is time to shut down for the winter and start again in the spring.
Time to get back to work!! Okay, Door opening cut out.   Lower part of the door being fitted. No hinges yet.
Cabin aft vented bulkhead installed.   Cabin aft cargo deck installed. Servo compartment below.
Cabin fwd vented bulkhead installed.   Cockpit floor installed.
Reducing window height opposite door.   Reinforcing cabin ceiling structure because of door installation.
Designing the upper part of the door.   Fabricating the upper door frame.
Thin strip glued inside frame to seat glass.   Adjusting the upper door to the opening.
Control rod outlets for Elevators and Rudder fitted.   Stabilizer support wires installed for fit.
Servo tray installed for tail section and throttle.   Goldenrod outer casing installed for tail section control rods.
Telephone extention cord makes great connection wires for nav lights.   Running wires for navigation lights.
Installing servo and control rod for aileron.   Installing servo and control rod for aileron.
Installing navigation lights on wing.   Installing navigation lights on wing.
Starting the covering with WorldTex fabric.   Hooking up rear beacon light before final covering of rudder.
WorldTex is working its way up the under side of the fuse.   Stringers covered to help strengthen them.
Almost ready to finish covering the whole fuselage.   Both ailerons covered. Starting on a wing bottom.
One wing bottom finished covering.   Working on the wing tops.
Pinning aileron hinges. One wing finished.   Control rod exits installed.
Painted sections of the cockpit.   Views into the cockpit area.
Used leftover fabric inside the cockpit. No sense wasting it..   Countersunk and epoxied 2 Dubro flat hinges into the door .
Countersunk and glued a 1/2 inch magenet into door.   Fitting the bottom door hinges to the fuselage.
Phew!! Bottom door finished and it fits perfectly.   Lower door stop with metal connect for magnet.
Fitting the top door hinges to the fuselage.   Pilot view of installed instrument panel. I modified one from a Hanger 9 1/4 cub.
Got myself a new helper.   One custom built throne for the pilot.
Stuffing the pilot into the cockpit.   View of pilot with doors closed.
Front view.   Ringing front compartment with hardwood..
Removable plate allowing access.   Final covering moving forward.
Fuselage covering almost finished.   Removable plate allowing access.
Removable plate constructed and fitted with brass screws.   Removable plate covered with fabric.
WorldTex fabric covering of whole plane complete.   Assembling and fitting the cowl.
Cowl pieces joined and reinforced with fibreglass tape. Holes cut. What a pain!!.   Temporary prop shaft installed to help align the cowl.
Cowl blocks epoxied to firewall.   Cowl bolted on. 16 inch prop for show. Now to sand and paint the cowl.
Windshield cut out and trimmed to fit.   Windshield cut out and trimmed to fit.
Tail wheel assembly inserted inro rudder to make it steerable.   Up on wheels. Wrong colour shade on cowl! Not what the cap looks like!. Needs a re-paint.
Cub wheel hubcaps installed.   Cub wheel hubcaps installed.
Maybe I will go with black on the cowl, to match the other black trimming.   Building the landing gear skirts.
Both skirts finished, covered and installed.   Rear control horns installed.
Wing struts installed.   Various completion views.
Various completion views.   Various completion views.
Building the floats.   Floats ready for sheeting.
Ready to apply the bottom sheeting.   Sheeting the bottom rear of the floats with 1/8 plywood.
Adding bumper blocks to front of floats.   Fitting spreader bars.
Applying several protective layers of covering.   Covering complete.
Fitting front, rear and brace wires.   Haul plane down from hanger.
Get her up on the new floats with the pilots help.   Sheathing the LG Wires with balsa.
After covering and finishing touches.

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