Research Materials

"Deeper Roots and Greener Valleys"
by Fraser lake & District Historical Society, 1986
ISBN 0-9692341-0-4
Fraser lake & District Historical Society
PO Box 57
Fraser Lake BC
Canada V0J 1S0


"Deeper Roots and Greener Valleys" is a history book about the Fraser Lake area, located in the heart of what is now known as the Omineca District of British Columbia, a province of Canada. Fort Fraser, Fraser Lake and Endako are situated along a thirty-two kilometer stretch of Highway 16, approx­imately one hundred and thirty-five kilometers west of the city of Prince George. Fraser Lake is the largest of the three settle­ments, having attained village status in 1966. It was not always so, however. During the construction of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railroad, Fort Fraser was well on its way to becoming a city with a population upwards of three thousand. Endako, which was a divisional point for the railroad, had a population estimated at one thousand.