by Alan A Sandercott

Poetry collection

Published in 1999
ISBN 0-9685413-0-5

[Out of Print]

  • Window on Winter
  • Hey, There's a Moose in the Birdfeeder
  • Ring That Bell
  • Chicken Feathers
  • 3 Days a Logger
  • A Dish of His Own
  • Gladiolas To Share
  • Baloney!
  • Fishing With The Dog
  • The Wild Flower
  • The Marijuana Patch
  • The Reptile Ranch
  • Degrees of Stupidity
  • Flood Plain ??
  • The Sand Box
  • The Wolf Hunt
  • Gruel
  • The Rock Garden
  • The Singing Ice
  • Sandy's Flood
  • That Darn Fox!
  • En Guarde
  • The Slin-Fast Plan
  • First Love
  • The View I See
  • Fish On Little Brother
  • The Path
  • Through Your Eyes

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