by Alan A Sandercott

Short story collection
85 pages. Perfect bound. 5" X 8".
First printing 2005

ISBN 0-9685413-4-8

[Out of Print]

  • Strange Visitors - Unwelcome visitors invade homestead.
  • The Dentist's Waiting Room - An old man with no patience has to wait.
  • And About Time Too - Finally, spring almost returns.
  • Something In The Bush - The discovery of creatures in the forest.
  • Earliest Childhood memory - Relates first memory as child.
  • Summer Vacation - Vacation? What summer vacation? I'm retired.
  • January In My Area - Coping with British Columbia winters.
  • Growing Pains - A haunting memory of a boy's adolecence.
  • The Good, The Bad, & The Tasty - Living with Flatulence in public.
  • Just A Walk In The Park - Diary of fishing trip to Tweedsmuir Park.
  • The Final Nine - A not so memorable round of golf.
  • Viking Influence - 1000 year-old Viking Experience still here.
  • A Night In The Bush - Father and son lost in the bush overnight.

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