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These great tasting fruit and nut snack bars are second to none.   Check mark
Bars made from only fruit and/or whole nuts and sweetened with honey.   Check mark
Only the finest ingredients are used in the manufacturing of our products.   Check mark
Be Natural Energy Bars provide a delicious and healthy snack for all age groups.   Check mark
The perfect snack to take with you - hiking, biking, swimming, boating, climbing ...   Check mark
Taste, texture, nutritional value and dietary advantages, put this bar in a league of its own!   Check mark

Honey Coated Macadamia Bar
Special 20% Discount

Carob Coated Macadamia Bar
Special 20% Discount

Order in multiples of 6 boxes (8 bars per box) and get a 7% discount.
Each box can be a different flavour.

NOTE: This offer does not apply to any currently discounted items.

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