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Southside Structures provides all British Columbia with pre-engineered steel truss structures with tough durable fabric coverings. They are specifically designed to exceed commercial wind and snow loads. Ceiling truss structures provide sufficient strength so there are no cross support cables to interfere with your operations.

Expandable and Affordable, these structures come in a wide variety of shapes & sizes to fit most applications. They are big enough to house Semi-Tractors, Trailers, Logging Trucks, large Farm or Construction Equipment. Indoor storage greatly extends the lifespan of your trucks & equipment. They also make excellent indoor repair facilities. They are being used for Livestock Shelters, Hay Barns, Aircraft Hangers, indoor Equestrian Events. You will see them being used for temporary storage at Construction & Mining locations. The list of uses for these structures is virtually unlimited.

Full or partial Wall Panels are available along with other extras such as Ventilation Systems, a full line of Doors and Track Systems. Ask about possible c o l o u r variations .

For Information & Quotes please contact Ken Rose:

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