Black bear feasting on Saskatoon Berries.

Large ant hill after the bear got finished.

Bear parting gift. Why not in the bush?.

Family of Whitetail deer at our birdfeeder.

Self serve dining.

Bald eagle watching for a fish dinner.

Fox pups playing by the den.

Black bear cub up the tree.

Snow geese on their way north.

Young buck muledeer in early winter.

Young red fox pup sleeping in the sunshine.

Bald Eagle nest in poplar tree.

Humming birds are back.

Swans and Canada Geese resting.

Juvenile bald eagle after fishing.

Canada Geese near ferry landing.

Deer fawn visitor.

Red fox welcoming bare ground.

April Fools!! Winter is back!

Fawn digging in the flower beds.

Whitetail deer under bird feeder.

April Fools!! Winter is back!

Mother & fawn under bird feeders.

Visiting rare Pygmy Owl.

Pair of Whitetail deer.

Some kind of spider?

Red fox at their den.

Future home of local chicken coup. "Where's the chickens?"

"Still waiting."