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Satellite view 1
The white lines show the property boundaries. The photo is aligned North & South and shows the location of buildings on the property. There is approx 50 feet between the carport and the garage building. The west side of the home is approx 100 feet from the west property line. The front of the home is approx 80 feet back from the viewpoint overlooking the lake. The east side of the home is approx 50 feet from the garden shed. The open lawn area surrounding the home makes a great wild fire break. The lawn in front of the home is also 85 feet above lake level so no worry of flooding. The bottom right corner shows the lane leading down to the lake.

Satellite view 2
As you can see from the above photo approximately four of the five acres are covered with timber
consisting of poplar, spruce, pine & alder. Much of the timber is marketable although we have kept
the timber for a more natural setting as well as privacy.

Satellite view 3
The above photo shows a wider overview of the property.

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