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Mule deer overlooking a frozen Francois Lake
Seeing things eye to eye with a mule deer.
Blackbear eating Saskatoon berries.
Pine Grossbeaks in the winter feeder.
Snow geese resting on their way north.
Visiting blackbear looking for wild berries in the fall.
Bald Eagle perched out front.
Black silver tip fox looking for mice.
A couple mule deer checking out the living room.
Fox crossing our front deck.
A mountain goat on a rock cropping out front. He's looking for new territory.
Young mule deer buck in front yard.
Whitetail deer flashing its white flag.
Mule deer at the front door.
Our dandilion control program.
Red fox pups in their spring den.
Red foxes playing on the front lawn.
Black bear eating wild saskatoon berries in the fall.
Mule deer fawn browsing in a flower bed.
Mule deer family patiently waiting for a a bit of hay.
A flock of Canada Geese migrating north in the spring.
The deer provide hours of viewing enjoyement.
A mule deer mother and fawn in the spring.
A groundhog shows up regularly for some extra lettuce.
A few wild rabbits wander through. They enjoy dandilions.
A dove pays a rare visit.
A nice catch of rainbow trout from the lake out front.
Twin fawns exploring our yard in early summer.
A winter hunter in the back yard.
Black bear cub up in a tree.
A hawk keeping a close eye out for a meal.
A couple moose feeding on tender limbs.
A couple of fox pups playing by their den.
You never know what will wander in from the bush.

Living in rural Canada we are surrounded by wildlife. It's common year round to have deer and moose on the property. The deer can be a pest but you learn to live with them. One often sees coyotes and wolves out on the ice during the winter. Occasionally we see such odd things as mountain goats and elk passing through. We also enjoy a wide variety of birds, both migrating and resident. Foxes are a favourite.

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