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After retiring in 1992, one of my new hobbies was designing websites. It took a whole winter to scale the learning curve required to master HTML design coding and Photoshop techniques. Each new website was a learning experience. Later came PHP & ASP coding languages. Over the years I designed over two hundred websites covering a wide range of subjects for both individual and commercial applications. Every website is carefully coded by hand rather than using some cheap WYSIWYG program, so there is far more flexibility. In 2009/2010 I started scaling back while attempting to rediscover my earlier retirement. A lot has changed over the last few years with new computer browser types, monitor variations and a variety of hand-held devises, all complicating what was once a much simpler hobby. Below are examples of some of my current & previous endeavours . . .

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Personal Websites:

Other Current Websites:

Deactivated Websites: (Personal)

  • Ham Radio VE7EAC
  • By The Lake Publishing
  • Memories of Mexico
  • LD Amateur Radio Club
  • Burns Lake BC
  • Outside The Fence
  • Perlite Mineral Claims
  • Darkness
  • Terrace BC Website
  • Woodworking Hobby

  • Mining Assistant
  • Whale Watchers
  • New & Used
  • Website Designing
  • Que Puerto Bello!
  • Biorhythms
  • North by Northwest Region GenWeb

Deactivated Websites: (Other Commercial)

  • Northern Lights DJ Services
  • Wulf's On The Lake B&B
  • Lakes District Fall Fair
  • Lakes District Festival
  • L D Hunting Lodge
  • Retirement Smiles
  • Tahtsa Reach Project
  • Local Realty Program
  • Tribal Clan Paddles
  • Pillow Cushion 4U Ent
  • The Woolen Earth
  • Be Natural Bars
  • The Johnson Property
  • BL Rotary Club
  • Adams Explorations
  • Lazy Eagle Lodge
  • Pacific Rim Realty
  • Nanika Guiding Ltd
  • Ninth Ave B&B
  • Northern Wildlife Designs
  • Ventures Unlimited
  • Southside Economic Development Association

  • Neill's Mining Diamond Drilling Ltd
  • Ootsa Air
  • Dawn Johnston - Realtor
  • Futurenet Connections
  • Omineca Ski Club
  • Rocky Mnt Adventures
  • Lakehaven
  • Southside Structures
  • Tierpräparationen
  • Wulf's B&B (Old Site)
  • Burns Lake Museum
  • Wulf Creek Pottery
  • Rainbow Air
  • Pink Mountain Outfitters
  • J-Lee Creative
  • A Great Escape
  • Sunny Hill Guesthouse
  • BC Access Locations
  • Burns Lake Library
  • Canadian Wilderness Properties
  • Kelemen's Kreations


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