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light line

Raised the lower sections of the main & mizzen masts this morning dispite the snowy weather.
Can't say I wasn't warned.

First of the Boarding Pike Stations done. Boy, I wouldn't want to get stuck with one of those.

Mizzen mast finished and ready for stays.

I went back to the ropes that hold the gun port lids open and painted them black.
I don't believe they would have been white given all the smoke from the guns.

The lower section of the main mast is now done and ready for stays.

Busy rigging shroud lines.
Too many threads and I'm all thumbs :-)

Shrouds & stays done on the foremast.

All lower mast shrouds done. Now I can finish the stays and preventers.

Securing the mainstay up on the forecastle.

Mainstay attachment to the mainmast. The preventer comes next.

Lower main mast preventer done.

Lower main mast preventer line fastened at the foc'sle.

The main top mast is up. The main top gallant mast yet to come.

Two mule deer fawns resting while their mom grooms them.
It's great having wildlife outside the window.

Starting work on the Futtocks to lock in the deadeyes on the mast top plates.

Still working up top. I find I have to work standing up more because of the ship's height,
and I still have the top gallants to go yet!!.

Tying in the futtocks to the shrouds on the main upper mast. I'm afraid I need smaller fingers :-)

The main top gallant mast is up. It's a long way up from the deck!!

Standing is too hard on my feet so I've had to set the ship down lower for awhile.

The top gallant masts and stays finished. Need to finish their shrouds.

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